About - Amalia Hillmann Illustration



I'm Amalia and I am an avid color collector, pattern lover, kerning fanatic and overall design nerd. I draw inspiration from the world around me, exploring life in this amazing space. As I continue to learn, read, and see more about illustration and design, I am constantly trying my hand at new art media and forms. It's so thrilling to experiment with a new painting style or photography subject.

Since earning my BFA in Graphic Design/Illustration from Concordia University, Nebraska, I have kept busy working on all sorts of fun freelance  projects. If I can capture it with a pen, paint, or camera, I've probably tried to do just that! Currently, I am working to bring my dream career as a children's book illustrator to life. 

Please feel free to browse through my artwork. I hope you will enjoy what you see. I've had an absolutely fantastic time creating all these pieces, and hope that you have an equally wonderful experience viewing them.

Thanks for stopping by!